Chole Dhania Masala



Chilly powder-  1tsp

Chole masala-  1tbsp

Coriander chopped-  2tbsp

Coriander crushed-  1tbsp

Oil-  2tbsp

Onion chopped-  1

Salt- according to taste

Ginger garlic paste-  1tsp

Kabuli chana (garbanzo)-  250grams

Tomatoes chopped-  2



Heat oil in a pan add crushed coriander

chopped coriander

sauté it and add chopped onions, salt, sauté it for a minute and add ginger garlic paste

cook this till raw flavour is gone

add chole masala powder, chilly powder

add chopped tomatoes

cook this till tender

add kabuli chana (garbanzo)

mix it well and sauté it for 2 minutes, then switch off the flame.

Serve this with naan, chapathi.


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