Summer is on its peak…temperature is increasing day by day, sun is producing breath taking heat, but nothing can stop all girls from being fashionable and stylish whatever the season is, and like always I will tell you how to beat the heat and keep it in style!!!

Go beachy this summer, you cant wear long dresses and full trousers or jeans in this hot weather but you can look hot in this weather by wearing ombre dresses, Broderie Dresses, sundresses.

The Ombre dress is light, airy and flattering on the body. Just like the original organic maxi dress, the ombre maxi has twisted straps, a v neck, a low back and empire waist. The main difference is the fact that its dip dyed at the hem, so the color fades into a darker shade right around the knee.

The Broderie dress is Broderie anglaise – “English embroidery” – dates back in various forms (and under various names) to 16th-century Europe, but came into its own when it was introduced to Britain in the 19th century. Once entirely hand-made – the technique of cutting a pattern of tiny holes in a fabric and then embroidering round them was highly skilled work – it is now almost always machine-made.

This season it comes in all colors and is used wherever the designers feel like putting it – on crisp tunics and dresses, as ornamentation on shorts and skirts, or simply as a decorative trimming on peasanty tops.

A sundress is an informal dress of any shape in a lightweight fabric, most commonly cotton, intended for summer wear. The dress is intended to be worn without a layering top, and the design must therefore cut a balance between modesty and allowing sun exposure. It’s a well-known fact that the sundress is one of the sexiest dresses a woman can wear. And men agree, as 42% of men prefer the sundress over jeans or a dress that is more formal, according to one study.

Another way to beat the heat is wear hats, yes hats are usually made for winters but now summer hats are also available in markets which are made in light fabric and stuff. Unlike winter hats, the summer hats don’t work as fashion accessories but they become more of a ‘fashion shield’ which basic job is to save you from the terrifying sun heat which seems to gobble up the beauty of your skin and hair injuring your scalp.

So girls hurry up and buy and update your wardrobe with the pieces of ombre, broderie and sundresses and hats as well and beat that heat.

But one more thing besides all these things don’t forget to put on sunscreen lotion and your pair of sunglasses while going out in sun.

So beat the heat and stay stylish!!!!

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