They say history repeats itself….but not only on history but also on fashion runways and now a day’s even at your dressing tables and hair salons.

We girls take a lot of time in getting ready but everyone thinks that our dress and make up consumes time but the reality is…most of time consumed by us in getting ready is because of the hairstyle…whether I should do a pony tail or half tie or a bun or should I curl them or do the hair straitening…or should I just let them the way they are??? Will this hairstyle even go with my dress? These and thousands of questions like these bug our head while we go out…Isn’t it??


But like for every lock there is a key, every fashion hazard there is which keeps you updated about every pin to plane things related to fashion.

There’s good news for all my fashion followers, like a trend in clothes rules for a lot of time and everybody follows it…now a trend for hairstyle has come which you can follow at any time of day, no matter whatever you are wearing and wherever you are going.

The hairstyle trend which I am talking about is “Braid”, the classic hairstyle trend. They are one of the easiest hairstyles to do and these days, the most in thing too. I remember when I was a kid my mother used to tie up my hair very tightly and neatly and used to form a braid, she used to used that if you’ll do a braid your hair will grow long and being a little girl I used to love long straight hair, like a princess in fairy tales, we all get fascinated by fairy tales, right?

You can never go wrong if you try one the braid hairstyle. They suit every face

cut and shape. Moreover, they keep the hair off from your beautiful face.

And this doesn’t ends here you can even choose from a wide variety of braids according to your style and mood and the occasion.

The most common and easiest braid to do is known as
, which involves the weaving of three strands of hairs together. You just have to divide your hair into three equal portions namely left right and the middle. Now start the braid by bring the left portion over the middle one and crossing it, now bring you right portion of hair in the middle and continue the same technique for the rest of your

Hair, now you will have all the three portions the left and right combined at the middle section, just stop doing the braid when 2-3 inches of hair are left so that you can tie it by the help of a rubber band and your English braid is ready.

The second style of braid which I am going to teach you is the French Braid,

Gather a small portion of your hair from the top of your head and divide it into three sections, leave the rest of the hair. Now bring the right portion over the center or middle portion and then the left portion over the middle one. Now from the rest of the hair add a small section like ½ inch of hair to the right portion of hair and repeat the same in the left portion. Continue braidings till you come at the nape of your neck and all the divide hair and the rest of the hair are now braided and you can tie it again like you did in the English braid.

The third and again a famous braid which I am going to add here is the Dutch Braid,

it’s almost similar to the French braid, but there’s one big difference and the difference is that in French braid you were supposed to bring the rest of hair over the right and the left portion in the Dutch braid  you have bring the rest of the hair from under the divided left and right portion, like divide three portions of hair from the top of your head into three sections namely right, left and the center, now bring the right portion under the centre portion and the left portion again under the centre portion, now take the hair from the right side of the rest of your hair and bring and combine it under the right portion of dived hair, repeat the same on the left side an continue braiding until you come to the nape of you hair, now after completing the braid, tie it up with a rubber band.

Switzerland is very famous, loved destination by a larger number of people, similarly the Swiss bank and the Swiss chocolates are very famous all over the world and the next thing which is related to Swiss and again is very famous is the Swiss Braid, and my next tutorial is based on the same.  Part you hair into two sections 1 & 2, now tie the section 1 loosely with an elastic band and start the braiding on the section 2. Now divide the hair into three sections from the section 2 of the hair into right left and the middle portion. Start braiding just under your ear for short hair and from nape of neck if you have long hair and continue the English style of braiding in the section 2 and tie it like you tied in the previous taught braids.  Now come back to the section 1, Pull braid 1 over the head, within a few inches of your hairline. Pin the plaits to your scalp every few inches, by sliding the hair pins under the hair. Do not pin the unbraided hair below the elastic. Repeat this process for braid 2. Tuck the loose ends of both braids under the pleats and secure with hair pins.

English Braid hairstyleNow the next and the last braid which I am going to teach you is now a days the most in famous and loved braid and that’s the Fishtail Braid

This is also known as the Herring Bone. Finely pull all your hair back and comb it neatly so that no tangle is left. Now divide the hair into two sections, take a small portion out of the two divided sections. Now start braiding from the two divided portions and then cross the small left over portion adding it into the inside of the other braided section. Keep this small portion which crossed over the inside of other section tighter than the other. Now you’re going to make the exact same cross but this time you will use the other section of hair. So, once again take a small piece from the outer part of the section and cross it over to the inside of the opposite section. Again, remember to keep the crosses tight. Continue crosses small outer pieces over to the inside of the opposing section. The smaller the pieces you cross, the better the braid will end up.  Continue braiding till the one or two inches of hair are left so that you can tie them. After completing the process as taught, tie the braid with a thin rubber band and you are ready to go and glow.

One small tip before I wrap up this article is that don’t wash the hair on the same day you want to braid them because washed and shampooed hair are more silky and slippery because it will be difficult to pin them up so wash your hair 1 or 2 days before you want to braid them.

All the braids taught above are simple to do if you follow the instructions carefully and completely, just pick your favorite style of braid and you are ready to flaunt it just Be Fashionable….!!!

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