Bling is in

Bling is in


All that glitters is not gold…..but yes….all that glitters can make a fashion statement.

Sequined ensembles were seen on disco divas and crooners of local bands. But the gleaming sequin had a dramatic turn-around and suddenly found favour with designers all over the world.

Bling is in girls, not only on clothes but on everything….Saris bathed in sequins, all-over sequined shift dresses, sequined minis, sequined boleros and jackets, sequined wide-legged pants and even sequined stockings have been shown by the designers, both desi and international on the runway. Now you can get sequins in muted tones with lesser shine, different shapes and then there are machines that can sew in sequins neatly on fabric within minutes. And of course the glitz is back in fashion.


But too much of anything is bad. Going all-out in a sequinned dress is great for the party season, but keep your silhouette simple and keep the accessories to basic and that too in muted tones. For the not-so-daring divas, sequins do well in bit-parts: try a clutch with an otherwise quieter outfit, or throw on a bohemian sequinned bolero. You can smarten sequins buy adding them into plain tailoring, like on the side-seams of pants or just on the hem of the skirts. Flashy sequinned trousers can look great with a plain blouse – equally, a sequinned top will go with jeans or tux trousers. Sequinned saris too look chic. A black net sari with all-over sequins is great for a cocktail soiree. Sequins have something of the angelic about them, And in present times of economic gloom, a dash of glitz will go a long way to heighten your mood and your fashion statement. So go, shine on with shiny, crazy sequins!

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