Best Tips for Preparing for a First Date

First dates give us all the wobbly knees but they’re meant to be all about having fun and getting to know a new man.


Femalefirst got some tips on how to prepare for a first Date, so get your pen and paper and start making notes!Best Tips for Preparing for a First Date

Timing is Key


The last thing you should be doing when preparing for a First Date is rushing round like a headless chicken, so make sure you’ve got your time management under control.


Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and make sure that you’re sticking to task rather than getting lost in Jeremy Kyle whilst eating a bagel.


Se.xy but Sophisticated


You’ll obviously want to look smokin’ hot on your First Date but don’t go overboard and remember to dress comfortably!


Don’t be wearing 10 lots of fake lashes or a skirt that barely covers your modesty. Wear something you know you feel good in, and avoid those heels that make you walk like a baby giraffe.


Do Some Research


The idea of a first date is to find out more about someone but it doesn’t hurt to do a little research beforehand.


Take a look at this social media and see what his interests are as this will give you some talking points for the date.


If you don’t like something that he does, don’t pretend you do, having a healthy debate is much more interesting than just agreeing with every word he says!


Tell Your Friends


It’s important to let someone know that you’ll be going on a date. In the age of online dating you can never be too safe.


Make sure at least one friend knows where you’re going and what time you expect to be home. Keep them updated throughout the night to let them know how you are and remember to let them know when you get home – whether it be alone or not!



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