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The sun is shining at its highest but we all can’t do anything about it other than planning to go on a vacation. Summers are a time to rejuvenate your inner-self to take a break from your daily routine and busy schedules and go on vacations with your friends and family.
Vacations are must as they spark up your life and an eminent way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.
When it comes to vacations, there are always two kinds of people, one who choose mountains for their destination and the other who prefer beaches over hills.
So, if you are the one who love beaches more than hills, then here’s a hi-five for you from metroholica as metroholica is also a beach lover just like you.

Once you have decided your holiday destination, after that comes the most hectic part, especially if you are a fashion lover, “the clothes”. Deciding what to wear on a beach holiday is a time and energy consuming activity but leave the thinking part on us, Metroholica is here to save your time which in turn you can add on in your shopping.

Maxi-skirts & Maxi-dresses are perfect for you to spend a day at the beach, full length maxi dresses are easy breezy, comfortable, adds the feminine touch and the best part is that it can be worn by any body type.
Maxi dresses and skirts come in a variety of styles, they are usually fitted from top and loose from the waist to bottom. Avoid wearing anything with slits as it is always breezy near sea.

A white dress is must wear not only on beaches but during the whole summer time as white is a cooler color, it reflects sun and absorbs the energy of body. Don’t let myths like white color makes your skin dull come in your way. A white dress can be worn in different patterns like a long maxi dress, a sun dress, a shirt dress, empire waist and the much loved short bohot style dress. Just keep in mind that when you are wearing a white dress, always put on your make-up after getting dressed otherwise you will end  up getting stains and always keep a stain remover handy while wearing whites.

Now, a beach holiday is not only about spending all your time on a beach, there are a lot of other places to explore.

It would be better to dress up differently when you will go on sightseeing. One should always wear hassle free clothes while travelling but looking fashionable should still be your priority.
● A pair of hot pants or high waisted shorts with a crop top or any other T-shirt is a good option.
● Other than that you can also go for a pair of denim dungaree or rompers, make sure you select the right fabric like dooton, Georgette, chiffons etc. which are appropriate for the summer season.
● If you are not an ardent lover of short clothes, then a good pair of cullotes or wide leg cotton pants should definitely be your pick to keep you comfortable yet stylish. They are in vogue, you can wear different styles of tops with ranking from a crop top to a t-shirt to an off shoulder top or a designer sleeve top.
Whenver you go out, the one thing you can not miss to take along with you is a bag.
● If it is the day you are going to spend on a beach than a tote bag is the first and best option for you as it is spacious because you need a lot of things like a pair of sunglasses, sun screen lotion, hat, sarong, a book if you are a avid reader like metroholica or headphone if you are a music lover to carry along with yourself.
● If the day belongs to just roaming and exploring the city where you are on vacation, then you should go for a backpack, a sling or a fanny pack so that you can enjoy the day freely.
For more details on which bag you should use on different occasions, kindly read our post “Bagpedia
When it comes to what kind of footwear you should be opting on a vacation? Then my answer will always be flats, a pair of flip flops or gladiators on a beach and ballerinas or sneakers when you go for sightseing.
● After all this, there are the type of people who want to spend a day along side pool or enjoy quality time in the sea, then you will need swimsuits or bikini wear to ooze up the temperature.
● Hats also play a vital role during your summer vacation on a beach as it will not only protect you from harsh sun rays but it will also add some brownie points to your look.
Apart from all these things you should always remember to protect your skin and wear a sunscreen lotion everytime you step out. Keep yourself hydrated because whether you are on a holiday or not, the sun is never going to leave you in summer.
So, my dear metroholicas, keep your wardrobes updated for a beach holiday because whenever the next time your friends make a sudden plan, you can not say no to them just because of the clothing issues, stay #instareadyalways and Be Fashionable….!!!

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