Be My Neontine-V-Day fashion trend

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Hey dear Metroholicas! I’m here with yet another fashion blog. We, fashionistas love to dress up,sometimes for others and mostly for ourselves but we always dress up according to fashion, occasion and season. With season, I didn’t mean only summers,autumn and winters etc but here I’m talking about the season which is affecting everyone,which everyone fonder ….the season of love. Yes, valentine’s day is down the lane and every fashionista must be making preparations for it like buying gifts for their love,reserving seats in restaurants and shopping! Valentines day is for love and the colour of love is red. Every year,we see everyone dressed up in red, the best way they can but don’t you think repeating the same trend every year is kind of boring.
So this year let’s make this valentine a little more electric and sparkling by wearing neon colours but firstly you need to understand what is a neon colour?
Neon is a colorless but with electric element,it glows.  Neon colours are the biggest trend of year 2014. They were seen on the img61747635spring/summer collection of every fashion runway and will be ruling the streets too.
Pink,green,orange and sky blue are the favorite and popular electric hues.  Shocking red also comes in neon colours but fashion is about breaking rules and that’s why I suggest you to wear the popular ones.
Girls you are beautiful in your own way but as one key can’t open all locks not every colour suits every complexion. So,if you have fair skin, go for neon purple or hot pink. If you are blessed with the whitish skin tone then best for you are bright coral,orange and yellow. Girls with dark skin should opt for fuchsia, purple and neon blue.
If you are still not sure about wearing these colours on v-day then do add a pinch of red too because all the neon colours will team up perfectly with red, so go for a red colour handbag ,nail paint, footwear or jewellery with your neon colour outfit.
Your guy started loving you for your natural beauty and that’s why I suggest you to not overdo the make up but if you are going out for a dinner or party at night then do a little bit of touch ups.
So, Metroholicas follow the above mentioned tips and make your guy  fall in love with you again and Be Fashionable….!!!

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