Hello my dear fashion followers, I am back here…just to keep you updated with new fashion trends….to tell you…what to wear…and what not to wear in spring/summer 2010.

You must be thinking that it’s still shivering and I am telling you the summer trends, but my readers and bloggers get an advantage of staying one step forward than the others, and it’s high time to start buying summer clothes as they just going to arrive soon.

In the year 2010, the biggest and stylish comeback has been made by Dungarees; yes they are back in fashion and that too with a bang…..!!!!! That means with innovative styles.

These are trousers with an attached front patch covering the chest and with attached braces which go over the shoulders. Often people use the word “overall” for the bib type garment only and not for a boiler suit.

The term “dungaree” was associated with a coarse undyed calico fabric that was made and sold in a region near Dongari Killa (also called Fort George) in Bombay (now Mumbai) in India.

But I know you are very less interested in its history, the latest new is dungarees are back in again! With a high waist, these jeans were made to wear with braces in an old-school style that draws inspiration from the rodeo look as well as Seventies trends.

Dungarees can be considered a universal garment, because they are worn by millions of people all over the world.

Commonly known as jumper skirts, the versatile dungaree has bounced back. Many fashion-conscious collegians are now switching from their blue denims to colorful dungaree skirts. Available in many colors, these feminine jumpers are a common sight in colleges today.

Today dungarees come in a huge range of sizes, colors, fits and forms. Dungarees may be tight or loose-fitting, stone-washed or deep indigo, and frayed or formal. Dungaree comes now in each and every fabric. Sloppy dungarees in shimmering fabrics provide a fashionable alternative to a party dress.

You can also experiment or convert it into your style. It’s really very simple if you will follow my advice.

* Just buy a simple pair of loose fitted dungaree in any color but I will prefer blue.

* And than just cut it from bottom to calf level and than put elastic in the bottom level and then sew it.

* Or make it one shoulder, it is normally of two shoulders so don’t cut the other shoulder just overlap both the shoulders and stitch them together, in this way it will not fall and will look stylish.

* Or just embellish it in your own style like paste on it patches, flowers, feathers, stones, chains or whatever you are fond of, whatever you like, you can even paint on it by using fabrics colors, paint your favorite cartoon or quotations…just explore your imagination. In this way you will not have to spend a lot, and you can stay updated with trends.

Some people think this is not stylish, it’s just for small kids, but dungarees look cool as well stylish and trendy and that’s the reason they have made a comeback this season also.

So, dear metroholicas don’t waste your time in thinking just go in the market, you will find it everywhere, and grab you style of piece, before anyone else does it so and Be Fashionable……………!!!!!!!!!

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