Are you pregnant?

Symptoms of Pregnancy

These days most women are aware of the signs and symptoms of Pregnancy. The symptoms may differ from each pregnancy.

Missing a period is one of the common symptom which leads to a suspected pregnancy. Women who have regular menstural cycle will take this as a first sign of pregnancy. An authentic confirmation of pregnancy can be done only by a urine or blood test. If a women is trying to get pregnant its important to keep track of the period start and end dates for the last period start date would determine the due date of the pregnancy.

In most cases the breast gets tender and sore, which is also one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The soreness and the swelling is due to the increased production of hormones estrogen and progesterone in the pregnancy. Exhaustion and tiredness is also caused during early pregnancy which may induce more sleep.

Nausea is most common in the first trimister. Some women may experience the same throughout the pregnancy also. The reason for this symtom being the increased production of the hormone estrogen, produced by the foetus and the placenta. The nausea can occur during anytime. Some women get senstive to smell of food which may trigger nausea.

As the uterus begins its expansion cycle lower abdominal discomfort may occur and cramps experienced like that during the periods would occur during early pregnancy. At the later time of pregnancy some women may experience pain in both the sides of the lower abdomen which is caused because of the stretching of ligaments.

Frequent urination is another symptom caused due to the growing uterus that presses against the bladder. Sometimes women may also lose a few drops of urine on sneezing or coughing. This symptom will disappear after pregnancy.

Mood swings are common during pregnancy due to harmonal changes. Women may get upset and brust into tears for no reason. A feeling of weakness, dizziness may occur. A feverish feeling is a common complaint during early pregnancy due to the basal body temperaturethat rises during early pregnancy. Constipation is most common problem during pregnancy, which gets aggrevated due to the consumption of iron supplements. This can be prevented by consuming fiber rich diet and lots of fluids.

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