Are you in love with a jerk?

in love with a jerk

Here are some tips to help save some of you women out there from a stupid decision or at least help you see where they can improve for the next round.

1. Start thinking of dating as a job interview.
You need to start asking for references! Finding out why his previous relationships didn’t work out should give you some clues about what to expect. And if his ex-wife/ex-girlfriend says he’s a jerk, you must accept that you cannot change him, and move on!

2. Find out if he has a record.
Check the state and national criminal databases for every potential hubby-to-be. Jettison anyone with domestic violence charges or seatbelt violations. And as long as you’re at it, let’s check the marriage records. If he’s married AND dating, forget him!

3. Start looking in all the new places.
If you ever find a good man, you’ll want to keep him under lock and key, so he doesn’t wander off. Meanwhile, you’re going to have to start looking for men that haven’t learned to be jerks yet or men that are newly available through no fault of their own

4. Wait for some time before marriage
Give minimum one or two years time to your relationship if he is a jerk he can’t hide his inner self that long, put every man you meet on ‘probation’ for the first two years you know him. If he doesn’t reveal himself as a jerk in that timeframe, then you can start to take him seriously.

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