Anything and Everything-The White Sneaker Trend

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Finding the perfect pair or shoes that looks modish yet comfortable and matches or makes a great contrast with your outfit is nothing less than a blessing and because of this we end up filling our wardrobes and rooms with huge collection of footwear that we are left with no space for ourselves to chill out and get relaxed in our own rooms.

So, when you finally get successful in finding a pair of footwear which we can adorn with anything and everything is complete bliss. Today, Metroholica is going to talk about the most loved and followed trend by everyone- The White Sneakers.

This trend came into existence more than a year ago but it is still adopted by many. It has not lost its esteem till date. Sneakers come in a wide variety of styles, let us have a look at different types of sneakers first.

1) For the ones who are associated with any type of sports activities, anything that requires pace, then Athletic Kicks must be your cup of tea.

2) The denim lovers should keep the most loved Plimsoll Sneakers which are also known as Low Top Sneakers, at the top of their priority list.

3) For adorning a much cooler look, go for the High-Top Basketball Sneakers.

4) If you want to spend your money on the type of sneakers which look good with both casuals and formals, then you should definitely go for the Authentic Sneakers.

5) For the ones who are always in a hurry and have no time and patience to tie their laces, then Slip-On Sneakers is the answer for all their hassles.

6) If you have a special love for classic fashion that never goes out of style yet looks voguish, then you should opt for the Leather Sneakers which also goes with casuals and formals too.

7) The low ankle sneakers which got it’s popularity and all the fan base because of the brand Converse, Canvas Sneakers are for the people who put comfort before anything else. They look the best with casuals.

You all must have seen people wandering around the streets, clubs and offices too by wearing white sneakers but do everyone does the correct combination? Does everyone knows how white sneakers can be worn with anything and everything?

● A white T-shirt and jeans never goes out of style and pairing them with white pair of sneakers is just like a cherry on top but by denims, we do not only mean jeans, it also includes dungarees, skirts and  hotpants too.


● The summer season is incomplete if you do not fall in love again with dresses all over again, short or maxi, shirt or sheath dress, you should wear them and how about teaming them up with trendy pair of sneakers? Doubtful? Try it once, we are sure you will never want to remove them off your feats.

● Cullotes or wide leg pants are a trend which is flaunted by everyone, it is one of the biggest trend of this year as they are not only stylish but comfortable too, pairing cullotes with white sneakers will add more vo hue to your #ootd.

pantsuits with sneakers
● If you think sneakers can only be worn with casuals, then you are wrong, you can wear them with your pantsuits also. Trust us, the only difference between adopting a trend and proclaiming it is in the way you carry it, sometimes it is not just about a particular fashion but also about your sense of wearing it.

Though,white looks elegant and classic but keeping your whites, white for a longer time needs a lot of care, patience and time as they will loose their appeal and grace with even a tiny dot of dust or smudge. All you have to do is just follow the below mentioned few simple tips and tricks to keep your white sneakers shine like a pearl.

1) A toothbrush, soap and water is all you need to wipe off simple dirt spots from your sneakers and if it is a greasy oil stain then replace the soap with a mild shampoo like a baby shampoo.

2) You can buy clean wipes, vanish stain remover liquid for removing stains but if you want something that do not cost you extra penny, then rub vinegar on the stains and rinse them off.

3) Do not wash your laces or even shoes in the washing machine as they might get clean but they lose their life span. Do not keep them directly under the sun as they will get discoloration.

Remember,if you want to walk like a queen/king, then you must take care of your throne.

Now, go on and bring peace to your lives with white sneakers as white resembles peace and do not forget to thank Metroholica the next time you receive a compliment for your look thay goes with anything and everything….Be fashionable….!!!

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