Anal Sex

DEFINITION: Anal sex is when a finger, a mouth, a penis or a sex toy is used to stimulate the delicate nerve endings in the anus.

SLANG: Common slang terms for anal sex include back-door sex, fudge-packing, anal play, rear entry and doggy-style (but doggy-style can also mean penis-in-vagina intercourse from behind). Rimming is a slang term

WHO DOES IT: Both women and men can enjoy giving or receiving anal sex, and both women and men can have orgasms from anal sex. Likewise, people of any sexual orientation may enjoy anal sex. Enjoying anal sex doesn’t mean a person is gay or straight.

PROSTATE GLAND: Boys have something called the prostate gland, which can be stimulated through anal sex. Girls do not have prostate glands, but their rectal area (around the anus) is still sensitive.

SODOMY: You may have heard anal sex referred to as “sodomy” or you may have heard the word “sodomize” to describe the act of anal intercourse. Actually, “sodomy” is primarily a legal and religious term that can mean anal sex, oral sex, masturbation and even rape (which is not sex at all, but is an act of violence against a person). Sometimes “sodomy” is used to mean any kind of gay sex. When people use the word “sodomy” they generally are trying to regulate a sexual practice.

VIRGINITY: Anal sex, like any kind of sex, is something you should only do if you are sure you want to. Some people want to remain virgins and think of anal sex as different than penis-in-vagina sex. Depending on what virginity means to you, you could have anal sex and still be a virgin. The thing to remember about anal sex (or any other kind of sex) is that it’s your choice and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do or even anything you’re not sure about.

DOES IT HURT: Like other kinds of penetrative sex, anal sex can be painful if your body is not ready for it. As always, it is crucial to go slowly, listen to your body and communicate with your partner. Using lots of water-based lubrication (more on that later) can help reduce any discomfort.

RISKS: You can’t get pregnant from unprotected anal sex unless semen gets into the vagina, but it’s still a Really Bad Idea. Here’s why:

Unprotected anal sex (with a penis) is a high risk for sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, herpes, warts (HPV), hepatitis B, gonorrhea and syphilis. Why is unprotected anal sex such a high risk? Because the tissue inside your anus is very delicate and tender, and tiny tears or scrapes can happen without you even noticing. Then if your partner cums inside you or has genital warts or herpes, it is very easily transmitted.

SAFER SEX: The only safe way to put a penis into an anus is if there is a condom on the penis. Water-based lubrication is available at many regular drugstores and will not diminish the condom’s effectiveness. Oil-based lubricants like lotion or Crisco can render a condom useless.

PRECAUTIONS: You shouldn’t put anything that’s been in your butt inside your vagina. Transferring rectal bacteria into the vagina can equal yeast infections or urinary tract infections. Not fun! Use a new condom or latex glove when you switch from the front to the back (or vice versa).

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