Amazing sex tips for girls

Lather up

Have a shower or bath together. Use plenty of lather. There is no sensation quite like having a lovers soapy, smooth hands gliding across your skin.

Make the first move

No hot-blooded bloke’s going to turn his nose up at a foxy girl trying to get him into bed, so don’t worry about making the first move from time to time – taking the lead with a quick cuddle and a passionate snog will be enough to let him know what you’ve got in mind – go girl!

Pucker up Kiss the back and spine of your lover. Placing a row of kisses along your lovers spine is an especially sensuous thing to do.

Kissing your lover’s thighs can be especially erotic. Place your head on your lover’s lap. You can even pretend to fall asleep. A few kisses on his or her thigh should be a reminder that you are awake.

While you are kissing your lover you should stroke and caress all of the areas of his or her body.

Text him

During the day, text him and tell him what you are planning to do to him when you get home.

He won’t be able to get home fast enough!

Boost your partner’s confidence

Telling your partner how good / stunning / exciting / sexy they are will do wonders for your sex life, as self-confidence and sexual prowess are linked, so the better your partner feels about themselves, the more fun you’ll both have.

Snap happy

Try taking sexy snaps of each other – a Polaroid film is the safest option and you’ll get instant results.

Failing that a digital camera – but make sure you trust your partner completely if you don’t want to see pics of yourself splashed over the internet!

The pulse-breathing technique

To get all fired up for sex, try the pulse-breathing technique prior to sex.

Sit opposite each other, close your eyes and inhale slowly, letting the air fill your lungs, then exhale in a series of three short, sharp breaths. Repeat twice and then go for it. It should help to highten the pleasure for both of you, because your breathing will be in sync.

Sexy shopper

Shop for sex toys together – either on-line or in-store.

This is a great opportunity for bonding, as well as revealing what each of you like.

Sex strike

Tease each other by doing everything but penetration to make sex exciting again (and yes you need to be in your best pulling pants).

Go Lara

Plan a sexual adventure – a surprise night where each must come prepared with a sexual adventure for the other (be sure to bring all the necessary props and tools).

Go crazy, be creative, have a little fun.

The eyes have it

Look at your partner directly in the eyes when you’re having sex or giving him a blow job.

It’ll blow him away.


Don’t waste time worrying about what he thinks of your body.

He’s not perfect either, and while you’re worried about your wobbly bum and thunder thighs, he’s probably worried about his beer belly or skinny arms. If you really can’t face the thought of going naked, then sexily suggest you keep some of your clothes on. Or turn out the light and tell him to feel his way around.

Ice ice baby

Using something extremely cold on warm flesh will have him rigid with anticipation. Using an ice cube, write a message on his back telling him what you are going to do to him.

Sweet delight

Paint each other’s bodies with edible paints. Or improvise with something from the refrigerator like chocolate syrup or whipped cream.

Create the mood

There are a number of ways to create a romantic, sensual mood.

Try: Incense, Perfuming Your Skin, Flowers, Wine or Champagne, Silk or Satin, Soft Light or Oils and Lotions.

Kiss it better

Make a pact to kiss for at least five minutes before you do anything else.

Start by tracing the outline of his lips with your fingers and then slipping your fingers into his mouth so he can suck on them. Lick his lips with the tip of your tongue, then blow on them. Slowly suck on his lower lip. Don’t forget to moan while you’re kissing, the vibrations will rocket through his body.

Vibrator heaven

Incorporate a small vibrator into your lovemaking. For example, try using it on her while performing oral sex.

Share your fantasies

Sharing fantasies can provide a fantastic sex game.

However, don’t tell him you fantasize about his dad, brother, best friend etc unless you want him running for the hills!


Many men respond to some sexy words, ideas and commands spoken by their loved ones.

Anything from sharing fantasies to getting downright frisky is included here, so expand your vocabulary, get your imagination going and wait for the results!

Delay it

Resist the temptation to reach orgasm.

Delay it and enjoy the sensuality and eroticism of the act. When this happens it will be that much more intense later.


Masturbate in front of your partner and get them to return the favour.

You’ll both learn about each other and enjoy the sexy show…

A guided tour

Give your fella a guided tour of your body.

Experiment with ice and hot breath. Ask him to play with your mons pubis(The fleshy area that covers your pubic bone). Gently massaging and tugging on the pubic hair will send you into a tailspin of pleasure.

Naked chef

Cook naked with your boyfriend. Sweating over a hot stove is the perfect opportunity to get kinky.


Blindfold your lover and tell him an erotic story. Let your imagination run wild. Involve props – if you know your lover loves being tied up, make that part of your turn-on tale.

Fantasy Box

Together, take the time to create a “fantasy box.” On separate pieces of paper, jot down fantasies, fold them up, and put them in the box.

When the mood strikes you – pull one out at random.

Blindfold him

This gives you the freedom to do anything you want without worrying how ridiculous you look.

Better still, as well as the blindfold, why not gently tie your bloke’s hands to the bedposts so he can’t reach out and stop your teasing – the anticipation will drive him wild!

Alfresco nookie

Exciting but risky – so pick your place carefully!

Talk about sex

Your boyfriend is a boy.

That means he’s up for just about anything when it comes to sex. If you don’t say anything he’s prone to just get on top and go like a rabbit.

Make some noise

A new study shows that 80% of men would prefer their woman to make much more noise in bed.

It seems guys love to hear that you’re appreciating their efforts.

Give good head

Oral sex is something you get better at the more you do it. If you lack confidence try these:

1) Place one hand around his penis so you can control his thrusts.
2) Treat his penis like an ice lolly, running your tongue over the most sensitive areas
3) Take him into your mouth and slowly start to do your thing.

If it feels uncomfortable just let your hands take over the action and go back when you feel ready. Above all, have a good time.

Ditch the Kama Sutra

The last thing you fancy after a day at work is a sex marathon.

Relationship expert, Judi James says: ‘Putting sex on to your to do list turns into a chore. So relax, take a shower, and invite him in to get cosy over a few soapsuds.’

Have no shame

The wilder you act in front of him, the more turned on he’ll be.

Take one of his hands in both of yours and then use it as a tool to pleasure yourself. Start by licking and sucking each of his fingers provocatively, then run his hand over your neck, down your back, across your breasts and stomach and finally up your thighs towards your clitoris. Make sure you don’t let go of his hands at any point.

Get your bits out

Be proud of your assets!

Over 98% of men (so that’s all the one’s that aren’t blind) are turned on my sexy visual stimuli – like the sight of your naked body. So do yourself a favour – turn up the lights, pull back the sheets and shamelessly put yourself and your body on full view. He’ll be so stimulated, you can just lie back and enjoy!

Sexy games

Dare him to play some naughty games.

Sexperts claim saucy scenarios can spice up even the most boring of lovers and entice you both into sexual antics you might normally feel too shy to try. How about a naked version of spin the bottle where you make your dares as raunchy as possible? And if he feels too stupid/shy/embarrassed – blindfold him so he can’t see what he’s doing as you both play.

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