Amazing sex tips for girls – II

Many of us think that exciting, passionate lovemaking comes naturally, and doesn’t have to be developed. But in reality, the skills of prolonged, enjoyable lovemaking are learned – either through years of practice (and trial and error), through personal guidance (even from father to son in some cultures), or through lines below

1. Take him shopping . . . and let him pick the clothes.
Men don’t hate shopping because of the money. It’s the sitting on the boyfriend couch at Banana Republic that they don’t like. But what guy wouldn’t be enthused about a mall trip if he knew that every 2 minutes a beautiful woman would pop by to model a sexy outfit he just picked out?
2. Get naked!
Pour peppermint schnapps in your belly button. Have him sip it. Then have him kiss your breasts and blow on the spots he kissed. The peppermint schnapps and air combine for a cool sensation that heightens arousal,. Do some shopping at adult-toy Web sites and the grocery store. There’s a whole world of flavors and textures—whipped cream, chocolate and fruit-flavored sauces, liqueurs — out there to play with. (Beware of oil-based products, such as many massage oils with coconut, which can eat away and break latex condoms.)3. Dance!Turn dancing into dirty dancing with an Audi-Oh Butterfly Vibrator, which pulsates to the speed and intensity of whatever beat is playing. Wear the harness with butterfly vibe underneath your panties. Then bump and grind to throbbing music with him at a club, or play deejay at home. This is one remote you won’t fight over .
4. Go to dinner at a super-fancy restaurant.Order foods that are delicious and lascivious at the same time. Share a chocolate mousse in a martini glass for dessert. “Chocolate produces PEA (phenylethylamine), a natural amphetamine that creates feelings of euphoria, especially during orgasm,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman.5. Get cooking.Make an entire dinner that can be eaten with your fingers, and then feed your lover. For dessert, putting a berry or chocolate truffle in your mouth and kissing your lover to share it.” Food fights can also be frisky, fun, and sexy — as long as you’re willing to clean up after.
6. . Challenge him to strip-PlayStation.What’s more fun than dropping in on your guy’s football game, intercepting a pass, and scoring the winning touchdown? “You don’t have to be into S&M to find power and competition erotic,Remove a piece of clothing every time you score. “The reason this works is because it eroticizes something ordinary.” For the ultimate in heated competition, try ESPN NFL 2K5. The combination of sexy cheerleaders and hotties like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is sure to spark some one-on-one action.7. Get naked again!Make your own art — on each other. Pick up a chocolate tattoo set The creative kit includes a jar of chocolate body frosting, stencil sheets, and a paintbrush. Lick off.8. Star in your own sex video.Shoot yourself while you’re alone, and upload your own porn flick onto your computer. Then call him over to the screen to show him this, um, really cool Web site you just found. He’ll think he’s dating Paris Hilton. Not so tech savvy? Use your camera phone to beam him a few peek-a-boo surprises. “From Pamela and Tommy Lee to the folks next door, DIY porn is hot,. And if you ever plan to run for Senate, just make sure you know where all the copies are stashed.9. Pretend he’s a stranger.This is a great way to spice up your sex life without going outside your relationship for extra ingredients. “Remember that our brain is really our biggest sex organ, and we want to stimulate our creativity and imagination as much as possible, Have your guy try to pick you up at a bar. He might even enjoy watching you flirt with other guys as long as he knows you’re coming home with him. “Whenever a guy knows that his woman is the object of desire to another guy, it’s a turn-on.10. Get wet.Ask him to help you wash the dishes, and then start a water fight. “Water fights might be even better than food fights, have shown that when couples do physical chores together, it can lead to sex in new places at different times,. Get all wet washing the car together, and while you’re at it, rediscover the backseat.11. Just make out.Have a make-out date at least an hour long, with no below-the-belt contact. It’s fun, teenage-style!

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