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All the girls love putting makeup on their faces, makeup adds up the extra glam to your features and it is every girl’s birth right to do the makeup. We all buy a lot of makeup brushes in order to achieve the perfect makeup look but everyone is not aware about the uses of different shapes, sizes and bristles, why is each of them different from the other one?

Metroholica is at your service again in helping you decoding the tricks and uses of different makeup brushes.

Foundation Brush– Foundation brushes too comes in different types namely angled, fluffy, domed and flat. A foundation brush is used for applying liquid and cream foundation. A fpundfound brush is used in the outward motion, it helps you in removing the makeup lines by giving your face a smooth finish.

Concealer Brush– A concealer brush is used for creating more definition by erasing or diminishing the wrinkle lines, blemishes and spots from your face. It helps in applying the concealer more precisely under eyes and around the nose.

Powder Brush– A powder brush has more fluffy and long bristles which helps in applying the powder more evenly without making your makeup look Camry.

Angled Brush– This brush is used for everything which is angular like eyebrows and it also comes handy for making a winged eyeliner.

Stippling Brush– Have you ever heard about the airbrushed look or finish? You can only get that in a high profile salons/makeup artists but if you will add this stippling brush in your brush’s collection, you will get that flawless makeup finish just like your favorite celebrity.

Angled Blush Brush– The slanted bristles of this brush helps in applying the blush more precisely on the cheekbones giving your blush the natural blush look.

Contour Brush– These brushes are also angled and they are the must have brushes because you can aplla fpundfound with your fingertips too but contouring can never be done without a brush. It’s tip is more angled than an angled brush which helps in defining your makeup.

Fan Brush– I call this brush as broom brush not only because it looks like one but also because it dusts off the excess powder from your face. This brush is mainly used for highlighting.

Blending Brush– You need to blend your makeup perfectly for having a more polished look. If you are using more than one shade of eye shadow, you should blend it properly and a good quality blending brush is the most appropriate thing for achieving that thing.

Eyeliner Brush– If you are lover of eyeliner like metroholica, you must have this brush because it helps in applying the line more easily and quickly.

Eyeshadow Brush– An eye shadow brush is used for applying any form of eyeshadow whether it be a powder one or cream one.

Bronzer Brush– This brush is round, more fluffy and big. The round bristles helps you in distributing the product on your face more prominently which helps you in achieving the natural look.

Mascara Brush/spoolie– Mascaras always comes with a brush attached with its cap but because that brush is dipped in the mascara 24/7, it makes your mascara thick and uneven and that’s why you need this brush for applying a beat mascara.

Kabuki Brush– It is an all rounder brush because it is used for applying bronzer, powder and blending all your makeup. The above shown picture will help you in recognizing the kabuki brush the next time you see it. This one brush takes place of many other brushes.

Blush Brush– It is not angled but it is also used for blushing, it may look like a powder brush. This brush helps in building the color of blush more beautifully.

Beauty Blender– A beauty blender is not a brush but this one product does two jobs, it helps in blending the foundation and concealer more precisely and easily than a brush.

Anything which is related to your skin needs to be taken care of, you shoish clean your brushes atleast once a week for maintaining hygiene. Just follow 3 simple steps mentioned below for cleaning the makeup brushes:-

1) Clean the bristles by gently running the brush in a bowl of lukewarm water.

2) In the 2nd bowl, mix few drops of any good quality baby shampoo and run your brushes gently in the bowl.

3) The 3rd bowl and step involves the swirling of brushes in circular motion in clean lukewarm water, don’t use the first bowl of water.

Before wrapping up, Metroholica wull love to give you a small and simple tip, keep all your brushes in two separate boxes or jars, one for the brushes used for faces and the other for the brushes used for eyes, this method will save your time and there won’t be any confusion.

Metroholica will be back with more informative posts soon…..Be Fashionable…!!!



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