Only a trendy and stylish garment doesn’t  gives you a complete look, you have to add up a little more elegance to you look always and to embrace your look completely the best thing is lace.



Lace is an elegant, sophisticated, feminine, and frivolous fabric and its unique weave structure calls for special sewing techniques. Alencon, Chantilly and Guipure are the most versatile types and each has its own qualities and handling requirements.

earlier lace was only seen in table covers, sofa covers…just for decorating our homes but it was introduced to decorate us in our wardrobe years ago, when you grandmother was young. but those were the days when lace was seen only in sarees and suits in
India and in gowns outside India but now lace is on everything.


This year's fall runways were rich in lace, from Milan, Paris, London and New York. This season sees lace in all shapes and forms, from lace-covered purses and shoes, to lace dresses, skirts and even coats. Yes, lace is in trend for the year 2010.

One of the easiest and most fashionable looks to keep you right-on-trend this season is to wear a little lace. One of the earliest needle arts, lace has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. These delicate designs come in a variety of fibers, including silk, cotton, rayon and even polyester.

The key to wearing lace well is to strike a balance in the amount you wear; you don't want to wear too much and you don't want to wear too little, either. For instance, a great pair of lace tights can add a sexy feel to just about any outfit, but don't overdo it by wearing other lace-trimmed pieces at the same time.

Lace is not only meant for casual looks, you can also add lace in your formals, and can make your office look from mind-numbing to mind blowing.

While organizing your formal or casual outfit add a tint of refinement to your look by choosing lace. The classic lace camisole is another perfect example; wear it peeking out from underneath a blouse or a blazer to create a flash of allure without looking like a doily your grandmother crocheted in her youth. The fabric with century’s long traditions seems to embody all that feminine allure and class really means. Pair it with the must have accessories of the seasons to look dazzling and up-to-date with the latest waves of inspiration in fashion industry.

The look is sophisticated, sharp and feminine with an antique feel, from layered lace to transparent outfits in on-trend sculpted shape.

So dear metroholicas, go and buy anything with lace from clothes to shoes to bags and ace up your fashion with a sexy yet elegant lace and Be Fashionable…..!!!!

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