A school romance and first date

 Here are some good teenage dating tips to get you started. These teenage dating tips, if put into practice, will make both you and your date comfortable so that you can relax and have a good time.

Make a Good Impression

The first date is when you have the best opportunity to make a good impression. Dress nicely and be well-groomed.

  • Don't accept gifts on a first date or from a guy you are not really interested in. Doing so sends the wrong signals, and may very well lead the guy on. Unless you are truly interested in having a relationship

·        , politely decline and thank him for the nice gesture.

·        Always look great!

·        If you do not know your date well, go on a double date or a group date. It's not a great idea to be completely alone with someone you barely know. For one thing, you will be more nervous. For another thing, it can be dangerous. If you cannot arrange a double date or a group date, agree to meet the guy in a busy, public. Have your parents or friends drop you off and pick you up. Do not arrive or leave alone.

·        Turn his head and look your best as you could meet a potential Mr. Right anywhere at any time

·        Never agree to something that makes you uncomfortable. This includes everything from going to a gory movie you don't want to see, to giving in to a guy's advances. You are in control of your actions and your body. Be honest about how you feel. If he does not respond in an understanding way, he cares more about himself than he does about you, and it's better for you to find out now.

  • Keep dates brief but keep your men interested. With men, “less is always more’ Keep’em guessing. Mystery works, as you will find out!
  • No date is perfect. If you start out with extremely high expectations, you may end up disappointed. Try to relax. Just let the evening flow and see what happens. Don't expect him to say or do just the right things according to some romantic script you and your friends developed. He can't read your mind. Just be yourself, let him be himself, and enjoy the date for what it is.
  • If he is interested, he will make sure that you eat well and get home safely in a cab.
  • Try to get along with his friends. One thing that can destroy a relationship quickly is making someone choose between you and his friends. In most cases, he's been with his friends longer and it won't work out well for you. If he really likes you, he'll try to balance both relationships. If so, you need to try to be accommodating.
  • Go easy on the guy if you didn’t really feel the sparks.
  • Never try to make someone give up interests or dreams for you. Ultimatums are a bad idea; they're also unfair. If he has been playing football since he was old enough to walk, he is not likely to give it up just because you say so. If he does give it up for you, he will be unhappy and will eventually resent you.
  • Never reveal information you don’t have to. He must have practiced the pick-up line a hundred times over to make with your constant companion.
  • Enigmatic and humorous girls drive men wild.


After the Date

After your date, don’t use overkill to make sure he is interested. If you start calling every day or several times a day you will sound like you’re desperate or a stalker. Trust me, neither one is attractive or intriguing.

Phone Etiquette

When you do call, identify yourself and ask if the other person has time to talk. It shows that you understand they have other friends and activities and you aren’t assuming they are available at the drop of a hat for you.


Don’t Commit After the First Few Dates

Don’t assume one or two dates mean you are a couple in a committed relationship.

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