A Maang-Tikka or A Paasa??? Why not both??- Bridal Tips

It is the dream of every bride to look the best on her wedding, no matter whatever her profession is, it is every girl’s desire to dress amicably on her wedding.

A girl starts doing preparations right from the moment her D-Date is fixed and why not? After all, dressing up as a bride requires a whole lot of things from lehenga to makeup to jewelry. Jewelry is an integral part of a bride’s costume, it includes everything from necklace, earrings, bangles, payal (anklets), toe rings, finger rings, and maang tikka, a bridal look is incomplete without any of these, as all of them together will help you in completing the 16 shringar and every Indian bride has to do it.

A few years back, brides only had the confusion in choosing between a maang-tikka and matha-Patti.

● A maang-tikka is a piece of jewelry worn on the forehead, it lies in the center of the forehead. It comes in a wide variety of styles and shapes. It may come in circular, triangular, square or diamond shape. It can be found in Kundan-Polki, pearls, and beads, etc. A maang-tikka not only completed your 16 shringar but it looks impeccably elegant.

● You can go for the oversized tikka if you are bold and confident about wearing it. If you have a broad forehead or a long face then you should definitely give the oversized tikka a try.

● You can try the oversized maang-tikka look a few days before your wedding and ask your friends and family, how is it looking on you?

● If you are still not so sure about the oversized tikka, then opt for a traditional yet contemporary small-sized tikka, it will look equally exceptional. A small sized tikka will look good on all the face shapes.

● If maang-tikka falls on the center of the forehead, then a “matha-Patti” covers the entire forehead as the “matha” means forehead and “Patti” means a strap or a band or a chain. A “matha-Patti” comes in 2 styles, one is the “single-tier Patti” which usually has a single layer of chain and another style is “multi-tier matha-Patti” which may come in two or more layers of chain.

However, the multi-tier patti can only be worn by brides with longer faces and wide forehead, a bride with small face should never go for the multi-tier patti as it will hide your features, the single-chain Patti should be their only pick if they are going for the “matha-Patti” look.

But today, Metroholica is here to drive your focus on the latest crush of every bride-to-be. It is no more just confusion between a “maang-tikka” and “matha-Patti”, today the most loved piece of head jewelry is the “paasa”, which is also known as the “jhoomar”.

A “paasa” is a piece of head jewellery which was traditionally worn only by muslim brides but this piece has crossed the religion barriers. Unlike “maang-tikka”, a paasa is worn on the side of your head just above the ears, and that is why, it is called “paasa” which means side, it can either be worn on the right side or left side, it depends on your preference, look and comfort.

A “paasa” got its recent popularity from the Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone who adorned it in the movie “Bajirao-Mastani” and as Indians love their Bollywood and that is how paasa got its fame and today it is women by almost every bride, no matter to which caste they belong.

“Paasa” was introduced by Mughal brides. This piece of jewelry alone looks so stunning and exquisite that it oozes up your bridal look and transforms you into a royal queen.

● “Jhoomars” have evolved in the past 2 years, they have become bigger and better. It may come in Kundan-polki, pearls, beads, emeralds, and rubies, etc.

● If you are confused whether to wear a “maang-tikka” or a “paasa” on your wedding, then Metroholica suggests you wear both of them together because why is there any need to leave anyone when you can have the best of both worlds. The two of them together adds up the style quotient and they complete each other.

● An oversized maang tikka with an equally sized paasa looks just the best, these pieces will do the rest of the talking themselves.

● If you have more love for paasa than tikka and you want the limelight to focus only on paasa, then you should opt for a small and delicate tikka with an oversized paasa.

● A paasa in itself is an all-rounder, it is not just a piece of head jewelry but it is so versatile that you can wear it on your waist to add more glam to your ootd and you can also wear it as a brooch.

A paasa is easily available online in India and in your local markets also. Just keep in mind that your paasa should match your other jewellery items, we mean that if you are wearing a kundan-polki necklace set, then buy a kundan-polki paasa.

So, to all the brides-to-be who are making their shopping lists, metroholica suggests them to add a “paasa” as it is the must-have jewelry piece, it is in vogue and it will enhance your bridal look. Metroholica wishes you a love-filled and blissful married life…Be Fashionable…!!!

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