crochettttttmetroRemember the days when our grannies used to make covers for television sets, dining tables and tables by spending their lot of precious time in making them by the technique of crochet. Everything used to look very vintage yet elegant.

Some people think crochet is the second name of lace but these are two very different things. Crochet is made from loops of yarn by using a single hooked needle. Crochet looks very delicate but a lot of time is consumed in making anything with this technique but it’s totally worth it.

As everything splendid deserves to be on the top and everyone should get a handful of those splendid things, this beautiful technique of crochet came into the eyes of fashion designers and soon it started to make its vicinity in their wardrobe.

Crochet has been ruling the fashion since last few years and it’s going to still keep the throne with itself this year too. You can make a simple vest and dress look more stylish by just adding the crochet in it.

There are enormous ways of wearing crochet which I am going to share with you and they are as follows:-

1)      If you love wearing dresses then you must go with the most easiest, convenient and sassy look by just opting for a short or knee length crochet dress.

2)      But if you are more of a denim lover, if you find denims and trousers your favorite cup of tea and serene too, then go for the shrugs and tops made with crochet, just wear a simple vest, spaghetti top or t-shirt underneath it of contrasting color by doing this you will be able to enhance the style of your crochet top and shrug and also make your boring tee look trendy.

3)      In market, there are also available a large variety of crochet skirts which look very sleek, just wear a knee length or ¾ length leggings underneath the skirt and look chic as well as sassy.

4)      As they say, a new pair of shoes can change your life, there are a lot of women who have a fetish for shoes, no matter how many they have in their kitty their appetite for shoes never get fulfilled and they keep on buying, so for them, they can go for the crochet made footwear, yes, footwear with crochet are also made and they are easily available in market.

5)      If you are the one who loves to be with fashion and have an urge to follow each and every trend but still sometimes feel dicey about few particular trends, likewise if are not sure about the dresses, tops, skirts and footwear made with crochet then just simply go for the accessories made with it. Handbags, mufflers, neckpiece, earrings, hat, hair bands, anything and everything these days are feasible made with crochet, just name it and have it.


These were the few ways but fashion is not always just meant for following, you can create your own styles according to your taste and comfort too.


And let me clear out one more thing, in market the accessories which you buy thinking that they are crochet made, then you are wrong, a lot of times its another technique which is called “macramé” . It is very much similar to crochet but as crochet is made from loops of yarns, macramé is made by knotting strands of yarns to make it look like a weave. Only accessories are made from this technique because the knots of yarns make it heavier and bulkier but macramé and crochet are like identical twins and they both are in fashion, so you don’t have to worry before buying anything made with both.


Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot and go in big brands and shops to follow and buy a particular trend, now you don’t have to think much before buying any trend because every style is available even in small stores and even in kiosks , yes you have to face a difference between quality and material but following a fashion and look trendy is much more important, you can shop according to your pocket, it depend on you whether to buy a brand or just follow trend anyhow, so stop thinking now and go and buy clothes, footwear and accessories made with crochet and macramé and Be Fashionable…!!!


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