A Busy Woman’s Guide to Fashion

For any serious business women, a professional and polished look is essential. But, time to shop may not always be easy to find, and business women often need clothing that fits all their many roles in life. So, how can a busy woman adapt her wardrobe to move effortlessly from sales meeting, to cocktail reception or to a basketball game? The secret lies in selecting classic designs and using accessories to set the right tone. Here are a few tips

Build your wardrobe around basic, high-quality pieces – A well-tailored suit in a neutral shade like black, gray, navy, or brown is the perfect foundation for a versatile wardrobe. You can wear the skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse for casual occasions, while the jacket can be paired with another skirt or slacks to create a new ensemble. Prints are popular this season and can easily be matched with a solid-color jacket, top or bottom.

  • Think accessories – Simple post earrings and a colorful pin add the right touch of style to a suit worn during the day. But what if have to attend a gala event after work? Tuck a pair of elegant dangling earrings, a colorful scarf, and a pair of sling-back heels into your brief case. Exchange your “day” items for those you’ve brought re-apply your makeup, and you’re ready!
  • Coordinate separate articles of clothing – When shopping, think of your basic pieces so that you can select tops or bottoms that you can wear with more than one of your “core” articles of clothing. Mixing and matching allows you to have more “looks” with fewer pieces and gives you the option to purchase a few high-quality, well-fitted items, rather than many lesser-quality ones.
  • Be adventurous – There is no reason why you can’t pair a suit jacket with dress jeans. If you have to attend your child’s baseball game after work, exchange your suit skirt or pants for dress jeans, change from heels to flats, and hog the bleachers. Or, exchange the suit jacket for a cute denim one and “dress down” that business look.

When making any clothing purchase, the most important thing is to be sure the garment fits properly. If you find yourself between sizes, consider buying the larger size and paying a tailor to make it fit properly. None of us has a “perfect shape”. Investing in tailoring will pay off because you will look and feel better. The same is true of garment quality. A good fabric will wear well and last longer. For busy women with limited time to shop, this is a definite advantage. With a little bit of planning, you’ll find it isn’t difficult to look elegant but not pretentious

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