5 most fashionable in female hairdresses of the coming season – autumn-2008

Designers and fashion designers, and also celebrities have already established the main trends in female hairdresses of the coming season – autumn-2008. It is possible to allocate 5 most fashionable trends.

1. A parting in the middle and smooth hair
Long hair in a tail in a combination to a parting in the middle and smooth, shining hair. This hairdress is popular among many fashion-stylists.

2. Bob
This is the most popular hairdress of this autumn. Retrostyle predominates not only on world podiums, but also among stars. Vivid examples: Katie Holmes, Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue. The main thing in such hairdresses – clearness of lines.

3. Fringe
Long, dense fringe, and also a dissymetric, oblique bang. Fans of this trend are: Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Heidi Klum, James Bond’s new girl Olga Kurilenko and Elle Macpherson.

4. Ultrafeminity
Glamour of the 40ies comes back. A womanly, elegant, romantic image is in fashion again – it can be created by means of soft wide curls, and also hair accurately collected in a bunch.

5. Like a real man
Contrary to the previous trend – hairdresses of man’s type. They are present at models of Yves Saint Laurent Fashion house. An extravagant model Agyness Deyn is a lover of man’s style.

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