20 Signs You’re About To Lose Your Job

1. Your workload is reduced.
2. You start receiving memos about the company’s “new direction.”
3. Your company introduces technology that replaces humans.
4. Your company starts to close branches in the name of “consolidation.”
5. Your company is sold to, or merges with, another company.
6. Your industry in general is starting to outsource.
7. Your industry is in the news and words like “cutbacks” and “downturn” are used.
8. Your company’s stock is dropping in value.
9. Your boss asks if you’d consider a pay or benefit decrease.
10. Your boss doesn’t like you and is not showing signs of changing.
11. Your mentor/boss-who-likes-you leaves the company.
12. Your boss is replaced by someone who is known for preferring a “hand-picked” team.
13. You aren’t invited to important meetings.
14. Your boss “forgets” to give you info you need to do your job.
15. You aren’t copied on important emails.
16. You’ve been getting negative employee reviews.
17. You are getting more written, and less oral, feedback on your performance.
18. You recently screwed up big time.
19. You’re not getting the good assignments.
20. You are given all the grunt work.
21. You’re being given goals that are impossible to achieve.
22. You’re asked to work on a “special” project that has nothing to do with your skills or experience.
23. Your subordinates are being given some of your job responsibilities.
24. You haven’t received a raise in a very long time.
25. You’ve seen a job posting that sounds an awful lot like your job.

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