10 Spicy Ways to Give delightful Kisses

1.      The good old French Kiss
With open mouths, your tongues gently probe and swirl against the delicate skin inside the mouth.

2.      The Beginner's Kiss
A simple meeting of the lips. Your lips may brush against each other or gently press together. Done with finesse, this can be a fantastic starting point. A variation of this is to "swirl" your lips slowly around your lover's. Relax, let go and allow your lips to roam over and around your lover's mouth — real bliss with little effort.

3.      The Butterfly Kiss
Using your eyelashes, gently flutter them across your lover's lips, eyelids, cheeks, neck and, when kissing the breasts, on the nipples, too.

  1. The Droplet
    Try experimenting with this in the heat of passion. If you're on top of your lover and kissing passionately, withdraw your lips slightly from his and allow a few droplets of your saliva to drip gently into his mouth.

5.      The Eastern Swirl and Poke
This may be applied to the lips or the body. Relax your lips and allow your tongue to swirl and poke. Alternating these swirling and poking sensations feels wonderful.

6.      The Lover's Pass
When you want to pass something in a sensual way to your lover — perhaps a piece of chocolate, fruit or ice — simply hold it gently between your lips and allow your mouth to touch his. Then, using your tongue, push the item into his mouth.

7.      The Lush Lap
More controlled than the Naughty Dog, this kiss still involves a lapping motion with your tongue, but is more contained and controlled, with your lips kept close to your lover's skin. With your lips parted, use a firm, slow lap of the tongue pressed to her (or his) flesh, lips or mouth. Again, this kiss puts you in control and feels incredibly sexy to a lover who likes to yield to your moves.

8.      The Medieval Necklet
Said to be enjoyed by knights of the realm when medieval ladies wore low-cut necklines. Gently circle your lover's neck with a series of kisses, moving from the lower neck just behind the ear, around the breastbone and finishing back behind the other ear. Both men and women enjoy the slow circular pattern being traced along this delicate skin

9.      The Naughty Dog
A passionate, earthy kiss, particularly good for larger erogenous zones such as the neck, breasts, abdomen and inner thigh. Let your mouth open loosely and allow your tongue to relax and "lap" at your lover's body. This feels incredible when applied from the lower part of the breast up to the tip of the nipple — the tongue just flicking the nipple as the "lapping" motion finishes.

10.  11. The Sliding Kiss
The tongue moves gently back and forth or in and out. A perfect kiss, too, for gently "sliding" erotic food — such as sauces and creams — off your lover's body as your foreplay develops.

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