10 Signs that you are going to be dumped

Signs That You Are Going to be dumpedGetting dumped is a terrible feeling as you lose someone you love. However the worst part is dealing with rejection. Once you get dumped you wonder whether any good will ever happen to you again. Later you would realize how much you have learned from your experience and you are definitely strong enough to face any difficult situation in future.

Even if teens sense a break-up they tend to deny it and somehow convince themselves that are wrong; this is the reason why getting dumped comes as such a shock. Following are some important signs that you are about to get dumped:

  1. Your Gut Told You – Guts don’t talk, you say? Well you’re certainly suspicious of something; else you wouldn’t be reading this article. Sometimes gut feelings are right.
  2. Your guy appears to be busy with his work all the time. He has no time to spare for you. Remember that no matter how busy a guy is he would definitely take out some time for you if he is in love with you.
  3. He makes himself seem so engrossed in his own work that he doesn’t even have the time to call you up. Only you have to do the calling yourself all the time. He stops calling you up. You are no longer on his priority list. Most of the time he wont receive your call, it’s just the answering machine mostly. These signs are not good at all.
  4. His family, his friends suddenly become not so friendly. They probably know what the truth is.
  5. Awkward Phone Conversations – This is usually a dead give-away. If you’re used to prolonged, laughter-filled phone calls that could go on for hours and then suddenly your phone calls are barely lasting 5 minutes, maybe they’re trying to avoid you. Don’t base this off one phone call. You’ll notice it in a series of phone calls. If they aren’t talkative and barely add anything to the conversation, they might be losing interest in you.
  6. Connection is weakening and love is gone: You guys no longer connect anymore. All his affection for you has suddenly disappeared into the thin air. No hugging, no holding hands.
  7. You two don’t get along well anymore. There is a lot of quarrelling going on. He makes a big fuss out of small issues. He finds fault with everything you do.
  8. Vague Plans – If they’re always trying to get out of dates or constantly changing them, this could be a sign that you’re becoming less important. If you suggest a future trip or vacation and they only seem vaguely interested, they don’t even plan on being with you that long.
  9. Stupid Arguments – Another give-away. Are they getting mad at you for no logical reason? Taking all their stress out on you? Arguing over ridiculously silly, small things? This isn’t always a sign of a break-up. If you’re always giving in, being that “nice guy/girl”, and agreeing with them all the time, they may be arguing simply to see if you’ll stick up for yourself. Sad, but true.
  10. The Dreaded “Excuses” – This may be obvious, but if they start the whole “we should take a break”, “maybe we should be open to other people” and so on, don’t waste your time. It’s their way of ending it like a coward. Chances are you won’t be hearing from them again.


The bottom line is; if you’re not happy and you don’t see a long term future with this person, save yourself time and get a head start on the healing process.

Some of you may disagree and say “If I keep working at this relationship it WILL succeed!” Unfortunately, it takes two people to make a relationship work. It isn’t like your goal is going to be learning to ride a bike, winning a competition or running a successful business – these goals you have an element of control over.

Trying to make it “work” is setting a goal to change what goes on in someone else’s head; which is something you’ll always fail to achieve. If you’re unhappy with how your partner is behaving, I strongly suggest you take action and change your situation for yourself. Spending all your energy attempting to make them interested and preventing them from dumping you will just make you feel terrible if or when they actually do.

That’s not to say you can’t keep them interested, or you can’t win them back. You can. But you can only do this by changing yourself to become more attractive emotionally and physically, and not by changing your lover.