10 best tips for your romantic side

Here are our ten best ways to keep your lover wanting more….

Wine and Dine Him
Sweep him off his feet: Get to know the owner, manager, or maître d’ at your favorite restaurant. Become a regular and you’ll get the best tables, best service, and best wines, plus inside tips on what’s really best on the menu tonight

Enjoy the Little Things
Always remember Romance is about the little things. It’s much more about the small gestures—the little ways of making daily life with your lover a bit more special—than it is about the extravagant, expensive gestures

Be Ready for a Quick Getaway
Because you never know when the mood will strike: Be prepared for spontaneous romantic escapes! Have his-and-hers overnight bags packed at all times; keep them under the bed or in the trunk of the car.

Discover Together
The joy of a relationship is found in exploring activities, places, and ideas together: As a couple, dedicate yourselves to learning something new every day.

Savor the Day
For a truly memorable Day: Turn Regular Day into a real holiday: Take the day off work, then spend it in bed together. Go to the movies. Go out to dinner. Go dancing. Take a drive. Make love. Go for a stroll.

To stay on the road to romance: Institute the buddy system. Team up with a good friend and act as each other’s personal “romance coach.” Encourage one another, trade ideas, remind each other of important dates, compare notes, and share new discoveries.

Get His Attention
Simple, straightforward, guaranteed to get his attention: Unplug the TV. Put a note on the screen saying, “Turn me on instead.” Have fun!

Surprise Him
To make your excursions even more enjoyable: When vacationing together, always take along a couple of little surprise gifts. It’s inexpensive, gives you something to look forward to, lets you gift-wrap ahead of time, and allows you to surprise your lover at a moment’s notice.

Celebrate Your Life Together
For an ever-lasting love, give an ever-lasting gift: How about a scrapbook to commemorate your relationship? Get out your old photographs, mementos, and love letters, and be sure to have plenty of glue sticks on hand! Your lover will treasure it forever.

Head to the Fair
It’s a classic for a reason!: Go to a carnival, fair, or amusement park together. Go on the rides. Play the games. Eat the hot dogs and cotton candy. Kiss in the Tunnel of Love.

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